The Facility

Susi Auto Body is a state of the art auto repair facility. Consisting of 2 levels, it occupies about 40,000 square feet of space.

Body Shop

Our lower level is the body repair shop, where all major repair work is completed. By the time a vehicle leaves this department, the heavy repairs have been completed, all parts have been properly fitted, and most of the insurance estimating has been satisfied.

The body shop is very technologically advanced. While many shops have only one or two machines for pulling and repairing frames and unibodies, Susi Auto Body has 16. All of our frame tables are Car-O-Liner Mark series frame machines. This high quantity of equipment translates to a faster repair for our customers, because no vehicles wait for the proper space to repair them. About 60 vehicles can be comfortably repaired inside of our shop at all times, which also translates to a faster cycle time for repairs.

Other features include a hunter tire changing station, 3 hydraulic overhead lifts, dent repair machines, a windshield replacement station, and a plastic bumper repair station.

Paint Department

Our second level consists of a paint department, an assembly department and a detail department. This is where the refinishing, final assembly, and finish work is done to your vehicle. By completely separating the paint department from the body shop, dust and dirt is no factor when giving your car that shiny and bright factory finish.

Our painting and prep area houses 4 spray booths, and 4 computerized paint mixing stations, which ensures factory color match. We spray BASF paint, a top-quality paint line that consists of base color, followed by a glossy clear coat.

On any given day, we refinish 8-20 jobs, once again, allowing a speedy turnaround time for repairs.