Our Services

  • Free on-site estimates.

    Wondering if you should pursue your claim through insurance or pay out of pocket? We can guide you through that process with a free inspection and estimate. Our office staff is highly trained to identify the type of claim you have, and to help you file the correct claim. No appointments are necessary.

  • Insurance Claims Processing.

    Once we receive a claim number, we will contact the insurance provider to ensure that the claim is processed correctly and all coverage info is gathered so that our customer does not have to.

  • Vehicle repairs.

    Once the vehicle is authorized to be repaired, we will remove all damaged parts and prepare the vehicle for repairs by purchasing all necessary parts for the vehicle. We will then contact your insurance provider, if necessary, to negotiate any additional financing needed to cover additionally discovered damage. If your vehicle is part of a Direct Repair Program, we may be able to simply continue the job without any additional insurance related steps that could delay repairs. We can also pre-order visibly damaged parts before the vehicle is left for repairs to try and minimize repair time (deposit required).

  • Refinish Department.

    Once the vehicle has been repaired, it will travel to our refinish department, featuring 4 full sized state-of-the-art Garmat Spray Booths. The vehicle will be primed, block sanded, sealed, and then sprayed to a factory finish with BASF Diamont 2 or 3 stage paint, the most high-quality material on the market.

  • Assembly.

    Now that the vehicle has been painted, it will be reassembled.

  • Detail.

    Once assembled, the vehicle will be detailed for delivery, including vacuum and body wash.

  • Quality Control/Safety Check.

    Once the vehicle has been completely finished, it is test driven, inspected and scanned with a diagnostic tool for any warning lights and/or fault codes, and run through a vigorous 50-plus point inspection to ensure a quality, thorough and safe repair.

  • Final paperwork and customer pick-up.

    Once all of the above is completed, our claims team will speak with your insurance provider to ensure that all paperwork has been completed, and you will be notified that the vehicle is completed.

  • Our guarantee.

    Your repairs will be fully guaranteed, and if there are any issues, questions, or concerns, with the insurance information or our work, we will be glad to help with those during repairs or after delivery. If there are any issues from your accident that we do not repair on site, we will handle it by sending it to one of our highly recommended dealership partners or sublet contractors, who also guarantee their work.