Wondering if you should pursue your claim through insurance or pay out of pocket? We can guide you through that process with a free inspection and estimate. Our office staff is highly trained to identify the type of claim you have, and to help you file the correct claim. No appointments necessary.


Once we receive a claim number, we will contact the insurance provider to ensure that the claim is processed correctly and all coverage info is gathered so that our customer does not have to waste their own time.


As a service to our customers, we also provide insurance replacement vehicles through our on-site rental agency, Atlantis Auto Rental. We also work directly with Enterprise, our next-door neighbor.


Once the vehicle is left for repairs, we will purchase all necessary parts for the vehicle, and remove all damaged parts as well. We will then contact you insurance provider, if necessary, to negotiate any additional financing needed to cover additionally discovered damage. If your vehicle is part of a Direct Repair Program, we may be able to simply continue the job without any on-site negotiation.

Aluminum body repair is the way of the future. Here at Susi, all of our technicians are certified in aluminum body and frame repair through I-CAR, with a special concentration on the new Ford F-150 pickup truck. There are major differences between repairing an aluminum vehicle and a steel vehicle. With state of the art aluminum welding equipment, and a separate workspace and tools to repair your vehicle, you can trust our shop to handle your specialized aluminum body repairs.

Once the vehicle has been repaired, it will travel to our refinish department, featuring 3 state-of-the-art Garmat Spraybooths. The vehicle will be primered, block sanded, sealed, and then sprayed to a factory finish with BASF Diamont basecoat/clearcoat paint, the most high-quality material on the market.

Now that the vehicle has been painted, it will be reassembled by its technician.  Once assembled, the vehicle will be detailed for delivery, including vacuum and body wash.

Once the vehicle has been completely finished, it is test driven, inspected for any warning lights, and run through a vigorous 45 point inspection to ensure a quality, thorough and safe repair.


Once all of the above is completed, our claims team will speak with your insurance provider to ensure that all paperwork has been completed, and you will be notified that the vehicle is completed.