Welcome to Susi Auto Body, Inc.

Susi Auto Body, Inc., is a third generation, state of the art auto body repair facility.The Susi family has been in the business since 1957, establishing Susi Auto Body in 1974. Specializing in all types of auto body and mechanical repair, Susi Auto Body works directly with any insurance company, at their competitive rates.

Our staff of 30-plus employees is proud to guide a car through the repair process, including all dealings with your insurance provider. Our goal is to provide a one-stop, pick-up and drop-off experience that is second to none.

All Repairs Guaranteed.

Free On-Site Estimates

Wondering if you should pursue your claim through insurance or pay out of pocket? We can guide you through that process with a free inspection and estimate.


Insurance Claim Processing

We will contact the insurance provider to ensure that your claim is processed correctly and all coverage info is gathered so that you do not have to waste your own time!


Vehicle Repairs

Once you have left your vehicle at Susi Auto Body for repairs, we will purchase all necessary parts for the vehicle, and remove all damaged parts as well. We will then contact you insurance provider, if necessary.